Inner brain emotion
Outer brain language
Interaction relationship
Society culture

Emotional awareness vivifies fact
Linguistic framing creates worlds
Relational vulnerability breeds trust
Cultural story grounds truth

Experience only in emotion.
Words only in language.
Truth only in relationship.
Narrative only in culture.


Truth is only truth inside the story in which it is told.

Emotion is the raw material of rationality.

Culture is the emotion of a society.

Emotions are the physical manifestation of story.

Community is more basic than individuality.

Truth is not relativistic; truth is relativtastic!

A body is not made up of parts; the body is the precondition necessary for a part to be what it is.

Before we are a person, we are the product of a people.


Story is the shape of culture. Culture is the emotion of community. Community is the birthplace of individuality. Individuality is the acceptance and rejection of the stories we are given. The stories we are given are the shape of our emotion. Emotion is the raw material of life. Life is the intersection of story, culture, community, individuality, and emotion.


Faith and reason are not opposed. Faith is the context in which reason is capable of operating. Faith is more a lens handed down than it is a decision we can make. This is not to say that the faith which is given to make me what I am is determinant of of who I will always be; nor is it to say that there is an I who exists apart from the stories that have written me. The point is simply to say that the agency capable of reason is neither separable from nor determined by the lens of faith that is already given.