Only after we have friends can we effectively articulate what relationship means. This is the challenge for a sound bite world – the prevalence of information makes it feel like the message is the prerequisite for understanding relationship. In reality, the medium of relationship is the message that makes understanding possible.


Abundant Life is found in the coherence of the person you are, the community that formed you, and the world that challenges you to grow.

Present, past, future. Self, family, world. Me, insider, outsider.

This is the three strand cord that gives shape and meaning to life.


To authentically share the gospel is to give away a piece of our deepest self. We cannot go unchallenged or unchanged in the process of evangelism. To attempt to share the gospel is, therefore, one of the most dangerous things we can do – not because the world might respond with violence, but because the vulnerability required to authentically share necessarily entails giving up control of who we become in the process.