There is no point in striving to be the church where people give their life to Jesus; salvation is an act of God and not human striving or strength. What matters is becoming the kind of church that gives its life for the sake of its neighbor; by submitting our lives to one another through the grace of God, we create the space in which God’s children are embraced and find new life.

2 thoughts on “27

  1. Might Jesus suggest that giving your life to God and giving your life for the sake of your neighbor are sort of the same thing? P.S. you are a WordPress machine lately.


    1. becoming a machine is easier when you write down random thoughts for 8 years before having anywhere to put any of them đŸ™‚ And, I would absolutely say that giving your life to God and neighbor are at least so deeply intertwined that it is meaningless to try and separate the two.

      When I wrote this post I was listening to a podcast about church leadership and the guest mentioned how many people ‘gave their life to Jesus’ multiple times. I think that language just bothers me a lot more right now when I can so palpably see in evangelicalism the practical implications of divorcing salvation (give life to Jesus) from care for the neighbor (actually doing something to embody God’s love).


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