Where I’m From

I’m from the land of boxes and straight lines; 
with a place for everything and everything in its place.

I’m from a place of safety and love; 
accepted, empowered, embraced, sent forth.

I’m from a voice that shattered simplicity;
asking when, not if.

I’m from the place where the light broke through;
slowly at first, then quickly.

I’m from a world turned upside down so that I could find my place to stand;
it took becoming blind for me to finally see.

I’m from a world that grows with each passing day;
confronted by grace, challenged by sight, comforted by abundance.

I’m from the school where I learned everything on day one;
and then everything all over, each new day.

I’m from a place where love overcomes;
pushing boundaries, shattering expectations, creating more than my feeble mind can comprehend.

I’m from persons and peoples that I will never know fully;
but theirs are the stories that wrote me.

Where I’m from is who I want to be and where I hope to lead.

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